Jungle Safari

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Nepal has 14 national parks and wildlife reserves most of them are covered with diverse wildlife and exotic birds. They are major places to do Jungle safari in Nepal. Not all National Parks and Reserves offer this majestic experience. Most jungle Safari consists of canoe rides on the jungle rivers, nature walks, birds watching excursions and quick tours around the villages to discover unique culture and traditions of the local village people. Jungle Safari provides an opportunity to witness the beauty of wilderness and wildlife. It is also a way to pay your respect to the animals by indulging in this outback adventure sports which brings you closer to nature. When you visit Nepal, add the Jungle Safari in your `To-do List’. You won’t regret it. There are also scheduled cultural-musical programs performed by the villages, which are also in the Jungle Safari itinerary. Ride on elephant back or drive your four-wheeler to view wild animals in their natural habitat or you might escape for a canoe ride on the jungle rivers. One can also have a memorable nature walks, bird watching excursions, village and cultural tours. Chitwan, the home of Nepal’s wildlife, has over 43 species of animals. It is also popular Safari destination in the region.

Jungle Safari is the fourth most popular adventure sports in Nepal. The outdoor adventure sports into the wilderness to see wild animals, birds and natural beauty. You ride on an elephant’s back or on a four wheeler jeep accompanied by a fully trained guide (also known as expert Naturalist) for the love of nature and animals.

In Nepal, Chitwan and Bardia are two hot places to do jungle safari. Chitwan is Nepal’s most popular National Park offering excellent opportunity to see Royal Bengal Tigers, One-horned Rhino, Crocodile and thrilling wilderness experience into its deep and thick jungle and this park is the easiest one to reach among all others. Bardia also offers excellent jungle Safari Adventure and somewhat similar activities like that of Chitwan.

Accommodation: Chitwan and Bardia have excellent accommodation and tourist facilities right next to the jungle so one can start then relax at ease.

Activities Related to Jungle Safari:
Village Tour – into the villages to learn about new culture and traditionsElephant Safari – thick jungles awaits you to explore wild animalsNature Walk (or also known as Jungle walk) – in and around the jungle for that sweet walks!Cultural Program – watch programs consisting of traditional (folk) dance and songbirds Watching – spot the species and write your own books on birds in Nepal!Other Services – have a go for splendid boating and canoeing experience in the rivers and pondsAccommodation – stay where the action is. Get the lodges or resorts at the place where Safari begins and ends.

What to bring with you?
Binoculars Sun Hat and Sun CreamSwim WearLight Clothes; Color should blend with natural surroundingsLight sweater or jacket for mornings and evenings during the winter season (Dec to Feb)Shoes for easy movementFlashlightSwiss knifeReading booksAnd.. of course, your Camcorder or Camera!

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