Our treks are graded in different standards; Leisurely, Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Adventurous etc. They have different meanings.
Leisurely: They are the easiest treks available. Anyone planning for a simple treks in Nepal can select this type of treks.
Easy: They are slightly difficult than leisurely standard treks. They may involve some ups and downs. They can be slightly higher in altitudes as well.
Moderate: They are mid-level difficult treks which are suitable for all types of trekkers. They may involve steep ascending and descending, high altitude areas etc.
Difficult: These treks are recommended for trekkers with normal fitness level. For the optimum experience we recommend these treks for trekkers with at least basic knowledge of treks.
Adventurous: The most difficult trekking routes operated by red rose These treks are basically for experienced trekkers with previous trekking experiences. These treks may involve high altitude passes, difficult routes, steep ascending / descending, long hours of walking etc
Yes, they are in most cases however we require all our customers to follow precautions along the trek for ultimately safe trip. Most of the foods on the trek are prepared after receiving the orders from customers so there is only little chance for foods not being fresh. We recommend you to take only boiled water, bottled water or water with iodine or purification treatment. Do not take raw foods or water without any purification.
We operate several treks in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan that are suitable for trekkers without any previous trekking experiences. Some wilderness treks will require previous experiences however most of our treks are doable by novice trekkers. We have perfect trek for you either you are beginner or an highly experienced professional trekker.
Definitely! We can assist you with all the flight and hotel booking or any other services you require. Our experienced team will be glad to help you domestic or international flight bookings, hotel bookings throughout the country or any other services you need. Please kindly discuss with our traveL
An official representative from red rose, Inc. will pickup you from airport in general cases. Most of our package trips included airport pickup / drop facilities. Please kindly send us your flight details so that we can pickup you from airport at the right time. Our airport pickup service is free for any customers booking package trips with us. Please consult with your trip confirmation email for more details.R