Thailand is acclaimed for idyllic beaches, some of which are among the most visited places in Asia. These beaches are always exerting irrisistible pull on the visitors.Thailand is the country of beaches and blue sea. It is the land which boasts an array of powdery white beaches fringed by coral reefs and lush vegetation. One can bask in the sun in the open space of the beach and, at the same time, find refuge under the shade of a tree. We offer Thailand beach tour packages of the highest quality with the best local services as well as unlimited support and facilities.

Time to Visit: November to March

Destinations: Covered Hua Hin, Rayong, Phuket, Krabi


Singapore does have some popular beaches and islands, which are frequently used by visitors as holiday spots. These well-maintained and environmentally ‘green’ beaches provide a pleasant weekend and are favorite outdoor hangspots for the Singaporeans. Sentosa Islands in particular is unparalled in itself.

Changi Beach Park One of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, Changi Beach Park is for the people who are bored with the hectic life of the cities and want to spend some days facing some pleasant sea breeze. A boardwalk along the coast connects the Changi Beach to the East Coast Park. One can walk silently on the boardwalk viewing the sea, trying to listen what the waves have to say.

East Coast Park East Coast Park is a favorite spot of the Singaporeans, where they indulge in several sports and other activities. While cycling is the most enjoyed activity, one can also enjoy golf, tennis, squash and water sports. The beach also provides succour to the visitors who want relaxing refuge. Fine seafood restaurants serve delicious delicacies when visitors feel the hunger pangs.


Malaysia is hot and humid all year. Good beaches are costly, particularly the premium stretches which are often owned by exclusive – and expensive – beach hotels. They are, however, superbly run and well maintained, so if you can afford them you won’t be disappointed.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital, is not especially interesting, though safe and has great dining options. The beaches near the city are polluted, but superb resort islands are easily reachable by domestic flights such as Air Asia, a Malaysian low-cost airline, or ferries, so perhaps bypass KL and head straight to those paradise destinations for the best beach holiday in Malaysia.
There are direct international flights between foreign destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Jakarta [Indonesia] and some of the best beach resorts.

Good points: tropical wildlife is often very nearby or even on the sand, facilities are generally efficient and sophisticated, people are friendly and hospitable, it’s fairly crime-free and Malaysian food is delicious and varied.

Bad points: – the humidity is energy-sapping, costs can be wallet-sapping and it’s often very commercial. – some islands will require a lengthy and potentially bouncy boat ride to get there.-the mainland coasts and some resort islands are suffering from waste overload due to increased tourism and poor management which will lead to environmental problems sooner or later, unless strict measures are taken.- hawkers can be a pain on the more accessible public areas.

Best Malaysia weather: April to September, for inviting tropical conditions, with temperatures generally ranging from 20°C to 30°C. Avoid beach holidays in the monsoon [rainy] season when some hotels are closed, boat rides are rough, sands are debris-strewn and shabby, waters choppy and unclear and sunshine in short supply.
Big Rains:- from November to February on the east coast of the mainland as well as islands such as Tioman, Sabah and Sarawak.- from September to December on the west coast.


Dubai is the most populous and second largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi. The city of Dubai dates back to 1095 AD, when it was first mentioned in a historic record. In 1833 the Al Maktoum dynasty took over the city, thereby creating a new indepent emirate. The dynasty has been ruling over the Dubai emirate since then. In 1971 Dubai, together with Abu Dhabi and five other emirates, formed the United Arab Emirates after Britain left the Persian Gulf. The population in Dubai consists by 85% of foreigners who work in the Emirate. The economy of Dubai depends on oil only for 6% of its GDP, the remainder being generated mainly by services (international trade) and tourism. Dubai is currently undergoing through a rapid development phase with a large number of ongoing construction projects, the most well known being the creation of artificial islands off Dubai’s coast for residential purposes and the construction of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Al Burj. From a tourist perspective Dubai offers great beaches (best time for visiting is November to April, after it becomes too hot) and lots of shopping opportunities in Dubai’s countless malls and shopping complexes.


The coast of Mauritius is approx. 200 km in length, and contains 160 km of beaches. The shoreline is characterised by small bays, often fairly isolated, long stretches of beach with adjoining filao forests, occasionally interrupted by lava rocks. The beaches offer something for everyone – from “lively” with all the hustle and bustle, to isolated as in Robinson Crusoe.
All beaches share the white, mostly fine coral sand, which forms a beautiful contrast to the colours of the sea and the blue sky. When the sun is shining, the sea reflects a range of blue hues, turquoise and often even green.

Almost the entire coast line of Mauritius is surrounded by a coral reef that protects the lagoons from major wave action as well as from large, dangerous fish such as sharks and barracudas. The water is crystal clear, with the temperature ranging from 23°C to 29°C, depending on the time of year.The water is generally extremely calm and warm, and the shore dips gently, making almost all beaches in Mauritius suitable for children and non-swimmers as well.
The coral reefs off the coast of Mauritius are often located only a few 100 metres from the shore and are most inviting for snorkelling and diving.Water sports to suit all requirements are offered at all the beaches, particularly in the north west and on the hotel beaches.

The west coast lends itself to beautiful, romantic sunsets (approx. 18:30 – 19:30), while watching the sun rise on the east coast is for extremely early risers.The beaches on Mauritius are freely accessible, that is, they are open to the public up to 1 metre above the tide mark, even in the hotel areas, despite the efforts of some hotels and owners of holiday homes to create an alternate impression.


Egypt is a land of colourful contrasts, from the vast expanses of the desert to the lushness of the River Nile, from the wonders of ancient Egypt, to the palm-fringed beaches of the Red Sea Riviera, and the entrancing undersea world beyond. High quality hotels in the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Makadi Bay and El Gouna make an ideal base to explore this beautiful country, or simply to relax and enjoy guaranteed sunshine and an even warmer Egyptian welcome. Far from the sea, the Nile city of Luxor offers a completely different experience, where you can immerse yourself in 5,000 years of Egyptian culture.

Hurghada With its year-round sunshine, and stunning scenery, above and below the water, the Red Sea Riviera has long been a holiday favourite for sunbathing and a world class diving destination.

Sharm El SheikhSharm el Sheikh is a bustling cosmopolitan resort at the south end of Sinai Peninsula between the Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba. It offers a breathtaking mountainous backdrop, sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and some of the world’s finest coral reefs.

TabaThe coastline from Taba to Nuweiba is among the most picturesque in the Sinai, with dramatic mountain backdrops sweeping down to the Gulf of Aqaba which narrows towards Eilat in Israel, Aqaba in Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

LuxorMagnificent Luxor sits proudly on the east bank of the Nile, inviting visitors to explore its ancient past that spans back thousands of years.


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