Nepal, a river rich country, provides plenty of options for recreational boating. Whether you are fond of rafting in whitewater rapids or just like floating slowly, Nepal provides you with both the options. Boat is a common form of transportation in the lowland of Terai in Nepal where monsoon and floods are very common. This common form of transportation used by local can give the traveler a memorable experience. Floating on a small dugout canoe on the river Rapti of Royal Chitwan National Park or a comfortable boat on Fewa lake of Pokhara, both have it’s own style of pleasure. Nepal, a river rich country, provides an array of options for boating. Rivers in the Terai plains and glacier-fed lakes, both can be availed for recreational boating. Pokhara in particular is very popular among the tourists.

Phewa Lake in Pokhara is very much liked by the tourists. Baidam is centre of tourism activities in Pokhara. Begnas and Rupa Tal are located located in the outskirts of Pokhara. Hiring a boat for an hour for an hour or two, and sailing in middle or to the other side of the waterbody, is a refreshing experience. Nepal provides some fine opportunities for boating. These range from the glacier-fed lakes up North and down to where the laden rivers ease into the plains of the Terai. Pokhara’s Phewa Lake is the most popular destination for travelers wanting to indulge in recreational boating. It is the second largest lake in the kingdom and measures roughly 1.5 by 4 km. Its eastern shore, also known as Lakeside or Baidam, is the center of tourist activity in Pokhara. You can choose to hire a boatman or row the boat yourself. Three types of lakes are available in the lakes: rowboats, sailboats and pedal-driven. Sailboats can both be wooden and fiber-body. Sailboat experience is very rejuvenating when you sail around in breeze.

Boating in Pokhara Valley is fun-filled experience whole year, save the rainy season. However, the best time for boating is between October and February.

Fishing & Angling: Lovers of fishing and angling can have great time in Nepal. The country is a very good place for pleasure fishing and angling. Some of the better known rivers for fishing and angling activities are Indrawati, Betrawati, Karnali and Koshi. Fresh water dolphins can be found in the Koshi, Rapti and Narayani river.

More than hundered varities of fresh-water fish can be found in Himalayan rivers. Most appropriate season to go for sport fishing is from February to April and October to December. Karnali is a popular river among the fishers and anglers. Confluence of Seti and Trisuli rivers as well as Kali Gandaki and Trisule rivers are also nice places for fishing and angling activities.


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